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Enrichment of Rare Circulating Cells Using Microbubble-Based Preparation

Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) are a useful biomarker for cancer detection and monitoring. Enriching for rare cells from blood or tissues presents significant sample preparation challenges. Current methods for CTC preparation leave behind red blood cells (RBCs) as well as other nucleated cells affecting their downstream analysis or are harsh often damaging the cells of interest. Microbubble technology can remove up to 99% of contaminant RBCs in less than 10 minutes start-to-finish. By binding to the surface markers identified by specific antigens in the bubbles, the removal of RBCs, platelets, and other unwanted cells becomes quick and simple. Microbubbles have been described as an alternative or adjunct to magnetic beads or microfluidic methods for CTC sample preparation. This technology may find particular value in applications where mechanical force needs to be minimized or magnetization of cells needs to be avoided.


EDRN CTC Poster Download

Akadeum's Microbubbles are a powerful tool for CTC sample preparation that minimizes mechanical force and eliminates magnetization of cells.

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  • Microbubbles for red blood cell cleanup provides an example of how Buoyancy Activated Cell Sorting can be incorporated into a CTC workflow.
  • Microbubbles provide a unique tool that enables positive and negative cell enrichment that is volume independent using buoyancy as means of separation.
  • Cell based biomarker research can benefit from simple sample cleanup solutions that don’t add additional cellular stressors.
  • Processing samples as close to collection improves results of functional assays that depend on isolating living cells.