Combining Microbubbles and Cell Sorting for Quick & Gentle Isolation of Unique Cell Populations

Achieving a 15-fold reduction in enrichment time without sacrificing purity? It's possible!

Download this app note to understand how to successfully isolate cells of low abundance, while saving time and maintaining high viability, through a combination of Akadeum’s microbubble based CD4+ T cell enrichment and subsequent Treg isolation using NanoCellect’s WOLF® Cell Sorter.

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Using Akadeum’s quick and easy CD4+ T cell enrichment microbubbles before proceeding with Treg isolation using NanoCellect’s WOLF® sorter led to a significant reduction in the overall time it took to obtain a sufficient number of highly pure and viable cells that are suitable for downstream applications like single-cell sequencing.

The combined technologies reduced enrichment times 15-fold without sacrificing purity! Download the app note today and discover for yourself how to harness the power of microbubbles.