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Buoyancy-Activated Cell Sorting (BACS™), Akadeum’s patented approach to separation, offers a novel way to isolate the target of interest using science so simple, it floats! We functionalize tiny floating particles that we call “microbubbles” and develop the protocols and devices to put our microbubbles to work. Our technology combines the specificity of affinity molecules such as antibodies with the power of gravity in a workflow that’s fast, easy, and effective while being exceptionally gentle on delicate targets, like rare immune cells of low abundance.

Elegant in Simplicity, Powerful in Application

Our buoyant approach to separation eliminates many of the existing technical hurdles that are limiting improvements or effectiveness of processes today. Unlike with magnetic bead-based separation, microbubbles do not have the same volume and equipment restrictions. Our microbubbles are gently mixed into the sample where they engage the targets, before isolating those targets through floatation-based separation.

It’s that simple! We’ve taken technology that traditionally requires additional vessels and equipment to accomplish this separation and put it into a single container where it’s self-separating. No additional equipment is required to perform a microbubble workflow.

No Magnets, No Columns, No Limitations

This allows for simple scale-up to large volumes as well as concurrent processing of large numbers of samples. Not only that, but our microbubbles are highly specific and provide an exceptionally gentle method of sample preparation – maintaining sample integrity and abundance. A microbubble workflow does not require the application of external forces, like exposure to rare earth magnets, that can negatively impact yield and the final target population.