Removal of Red Blood Cells from Human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell Samples Using Akadeum Human Red Blood Cell
Depletion Microbubbles

Current depletion methods are limited; Akadeum's microbubbles aim to change that.

In this app note, we demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of the microbubble workflow for removing residual RBC contamination from human PBMC samples. Download the app note and learn more about how:

  • Akadeum's RBC Depletion protocol can achieve >97% RBC depletion in 10 minutes
  • Using Akadeum's microbubbles prior to cell sorting can cut sort times by 1/3 or more
  • Akadeum's microbubbles are gentle, maintaining target cell health and physiology

Akadeum's RBC Depletion Microbubbles achieve as much as 97% RBC depletion in 10 minutes while maintaining the health and physiology of target cells.